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How to maintain the injection molding machine?

Public date:2021-07-09 11:34:00

1, check daily

Check every day, adjust the security facilities, you must ensure that the safety facilities can be used to use the operating machine; check the oil volume in the lubricant box, you must add the same number of new oil; check the oil level on the hydraulic bar, if the oil level Down to the liquid level meter, then add hydraulic oil to the middle line, you must add the same number of new oils; For hours or minutes, you need to replace or clean the air filter and hydraulic oil, pay attention to the new old hydraulic oil can't be mixed; when running 20,000 hours or 5 years, check, replace the sealing ring and wear-resistant ring of hydraulic cylinders, replace high pressure Hose; every 3 years, replace the controller (host) battery; every 5 years, replace the battery on the operator panel.

2, pay attention to lubrication

During the use of injection molding machines, it is necessary to periodically observe whether the injection molding machine is in normal working conditions. Note that each lubrication must be sufficient to ensure that each lubrication point of the entire lubrication system is well lubricated. The machine's lubrication modulus (interval time) and each lubrication time passes through the reasonable setting of computer parameters. Regularly observe the working conditions of the lubrication system, keep the oil in the fuel tank in a reasonable oil level. If the lubrication is found, it should be lubricated in time, and the lubrication of each lubrication point should be checked to ensure that the machine is lubricated.